Voice Lessons

Learn how to unlock the potential of your authentic voice allowing you to sing any style or genre with complete artistic freedom. Build your technique and empower your voice with private voice lessons.


Melanie has her Masters in Vocal Pedagogy and her teaching is rooted in her 10 years of being certified as a Speech Level Singing (SLS) Instructor. Seth Riggs and the amazing Speech Level Singing technique changed Melanie's life as a singer and voice teacher.

She feels strongly about continuing education which allows her teaching to include new methods and ideas creating a truly student centered approach in her teaching.

Melanie Galiardo Vocal Coach


Build your vocal technique and find your own unique sound. Melanie Galiardo Vocal Studio offers professional in-person and online voice lessons. 


Melanie’s teaching is student-centered, guiding singers through a series of vocal exercises tailored to their own individual needs. She believes in a method that works towards finding balance in the flow of air, medium compression in the muscle (vocal folds) and proper acoustic tuning of the vowel in order to find a voice free from extrinsic muscular tension. Finding this type pf balance in the voice allows the resonators to work efficiently creating a smooth and even transition between registers. 


Melanie will also help coach you for your upcoming audition or performance.


Melanie offers an encouraging learning environment for singers of all ages and abilities. Frequency of voice lessons depend solely on the goals of the student, however, achieving the desired results requires commitment and consistency in training and practicing.

Melanie Galiardo Vocal Studio offers online voice lessons for those who prefer taking lessons from the comfort of your own home. Melanie teaches voice lessons to students across the United States, as far as Europe and Asia, using internet video chat software.

Internet video lessons are ideal for those who do not live in close physical proximity to Melanie’s Winter Springs studio, or for those who prefer the convenience and comfort of taking lessons from your own home. Actually several nearby students find these lessons more convenient because it eliminates traffic. 

Skype, Zoom and FaceTime are free video chat programs which allow you to communicate via your internet connection from virtually anywhere in the world. Melanie's studio is set up with high speed internet to ensure top clarity for the call. You can use a computer, tablet or smart phone. All you need to get started is high speed internet, a webcam and a microphone.

Online Voice Lessons

Style & Artistry

Melanie's goal is help each singer find their own unique sound and style while maintaining healthy vocal technique.


Developing style is highly dependent on having a solid foundation in vocal technique. Once the voice is balanced and foundation has been established, the singer is opened up to a world of possibilities to create vocal dynamics and stylistic creativity.   


Melanie will guide singers in developing artistry, style and storytelling for performance whether in the studio, on-stage or preparing for an audition. This will allow the artist to connect emotionally to song and with the audience.


Whether it’s cleaning a vocal riff,  connecting to the song lyrics or committing emotionally to the performance, Melanie can help you achieve the sound you desire.