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"Melanie is everything I could ever hope for as a vocal coach! I’ve been working with her for about 5 years now and I can’t work with anyone else! She’s extremely knowledgeable, attentive and really takes the time to understand my unique voice and what it needs. I feel like I’ve grown so much as a singer because of her and still, every time I work with her, I learn something new and feel more in tuned with my voice."

Casey Conroy

Singer/Songwriter & Recording Artist

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Sarah Mills

Professional Actress

"I’ve been working with Melanie for over nine years and I am blown away at how my voice has grown. Songs that used to be impossible for me to sing are not only easy but also sustainable. She’s helped me learn and practice healthy vocal habits while also teaching me how to maintain a powerful sound. The more I learn from her the more I’m able to recognize my own problems and then I can apply techniques she's taught me to help fix them. The best part about working with Melanie is the environment she creates. It can be easy to get frustrated when working on difficult vocal techniques, but Melanie is patient and encouraging through it all. No matter what is going on in your life you can leave it at the door and enjoy your time with her as she takes your voice from good to great!"

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"I studied with Melanie for a couple years while living in Orlando and working at the Festival of the Lion King and singing with a high energy cover band in Orlando. My main goal and reason for coming to see Melanie was to develop better technique to be able to comfortably sing and perform a busy sometimes 7-day work week. I had worked with vocal coaches from church and operatic backgrounds, so working with a coach using the speech level singing method was new to me. At first I wasn’t sure about some of the warmups and exercises but the relevance immediately transferred over to the song we’d work on that day and it would just “click”.  When I’d feel that focused vowel pop into that pocket of my mix, I felt so much less work and fatigue on my vocal cords, it would all make sense. Not only does the technique she teaches work, but Melanie is an absolute sweetheart with an amazing energy and a great sense of humor. There were many days I left there feeling much more confident and empowered with a huge smile on my face as she just makes you feel that good. We kept at it until we got to where I wanted to be. I trust Melanie so much that I continue to work with her remotely even to this day via skype. Melanie, thank you for all you’ve done for me as a coach, friend and mentor, my life and voice have been nothing but better since I started working with you."


Aidan Rivera,

Professional Singer

"Melanie is by far one of the best vocal coaches I have ever worked with. As a Musical Theatre professional for over 13 years, I have had many different coaches, but Melanie is one of the only ones in which I learn and improve with every lesson. Being a singer herself, she truly understands the voice, and her techniques are easily applied, and effective. Highly recommend her for all vocalist, newbies and working professionals."

Khristy Chamberlain,

Professional Singer / Actress - Universal Studios Entertainment, Disney Cruise Lines


Carmen Harrell,

Professional Singer - Universal Studios Entertainment

"I was referred to Melanie through fellow singer friends that raved about her amazing coaching skills. And I was shocked by how quickly and effortlessly Melanie pinpointed my trouble spots and knew exact what to do to help me master my voice in ways I never imagined was possible. I can access my higher range with such ease now and my mix is so smooth. She made singing fun again and exciting to discover what I can do now since I’ve been practicing everything she’s taught me. People say to me now more than ever that I sound better every time they see me. I even got contracted in a role at Universal Studios that I did for a number of years and I kept getting the same notes from the show director. After seeing her briefly I’ve never gotten those same notes again. I’m so thankful to Melanie for helping me fall in love with my voice all over again."


Patrece Bloomfield,

Professional Singer - Universal Studios Entertainment, Walt Disney World Entertainment

"To say that Melanie knows what she's doing is an understatement. I've studied voice ever since I was 15 and I'm a pretty well versed singer in both classical and jazz. When I got to Melanie I felt that she was the 1st vocal coach I've ever had that taught realistic hands-on applicable techniques that made so much sense in the style of music that I sing now which is more musical theater. But the great thing is that 20 plus years after studying and knowing my craft she still taught me something new. She gave me new techniques and new ways of thinking that I could apply to any genre which was just phenomenal. Her studio is inviting and warm and almost relaxing as a matter of fact, and her desire for you to be successful is on point. You automatically feel comfortable of her and you don't feel that you can't mess up in front of her and that was the best feeling. If you get a chance to book with Melanie you're in great hands trust me!"


"Cassie and Sabrina ~ the Glow Girls ~ have been private coaching with Melanie for over a year, and we are thrilled to be working with her. The Glow Girls' vocal technique and range has greatly improved as a direct result of Melanie's training. Melanie tailors each lesson to each girls' individual strengths and areas for improvement. She keeps the sessions fun and engaging by allowing the girls to select music of personal interest to them as a basis for teaching. Melanie's positive personality and teaching methods have encouraged the Glow Girls to accomplish things vocally they previously didn't know they were capable of doing. As well, Melanie has always made herself available for special sessions and coaching in instances where the Glow Girls had to prepare a song for an audition or professional booking. Melanie is an all around excellent coach!"

The Glow Girls - Sabrina & Cassie

Professional Voice Over Artists - Disney, Nickelodeon, Universal Kids, Cartoon Network

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"Melanie is nothing but an incredible teacher to learn from! Every lesson we do is catered to what I want to focus on that given day. I have learned so much with every single lesson I have with her! My voice has done an complete 180 since I began lessons with her. I am able to sing with ease through phrases I couldn’t before! She’s definitely someone I would recommend to anyone looking for either a quick fix or also for long term results!"

Erick Perafan

Professional Singer / Actor - Viking Cruise Lines, Universal Studios Entertainment

Nicole Sasser

Professional Entertainer, Vocalist & Trumpeter


"It's so difficult to find the right vocal coach. Finding your mix is hard enough in general, but with a great coach like Melanie, she helped me discover this and belt even higher! Her home studio is warm and welcoming and helps me to relax and just let her help me free my voice. I'm so happy I found Melanie!"

Melanie Galiardo is one of the best vocal coaches around. I could not be more grateful for what she has done for me. She exemplifies great customer service, very personal as well as professional. She is highly skill and passionate about her students. It is a pleasure to work with Melanie and her amazing vocal methods. These classes have given me confidence, not only in singing but other aspects of my life. I promise, that you will not be disappointed.

Deborah Thomas

Singer, Speaker and Author

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"Melanie is the “Sherlock Holmes” of vocals. When I first came to her, I couldn’t get through a single full song without exhausting my voice. Lessons with her have not only helped me to understand my voice on multiple levels, but have given me the confidence to make singing a legitimate career for myself. I have been singing full time for the last five years, and I owe that to her dedication as a coach, and priceless “lightbulb moments” I experience in our lessons."

Tony Flaherty

Professional Singer - Walt Disney World Entertainment, Universal Studios Entertainment

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